Friday, August 21, 2009

Payperpost V4.0

I just found out that Payperpost has a new version 4.0, I wonder how much different or better it's become since my days of using the old version. Here's a link if anyone wants to check it out PayPerPost v4.0. Who knows maybe you can earn some $$ blogging.



Relaxing at home

Today is a quiet relaxing day, I'm pretty bored and waiting for a computer part and I need to go downtown later.

At least I managed to get an hour tempo run in, it was sweet, it was 60mins for about 9.5 miles, not too shabby for someone getting back into shape.

Alright I gotta figure out something to do.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Renting vs owning a house

Since I'm back in Montreal, I've decided not to move back into my parents house and find an apartment downtown. I know in Montreal they aren't big about having large corporations manage tons of properties but back when I was in the United States for school there were many of these companies. I just saw a link about Real Property Management and they seem like a decent company to be your landlord. I don't know I don't like mine and he's just a small guy, but maybe having a bigger company with rules and people accountable might help. If anyone's looking for properties in the US take a look at what they have.

Alright back to work, more later,


Time to bring this blog back?

I'm sitting at home on this hot Montreal day and I'm thinking of bringing back my old blogs, there are a bunch of blogging sites out there, I'm still part of Payperpost and some others, and I figure if I'm not going to earn tons of cash at work might as well do something with the free time I'll have this semester.

If anyone has any other suggestions fire away!
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