Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TheNewsRoom.com - Bring news to your site and earn cash for linking to content!

I loved blogging about sports, but the thing that's missing with blogging is that sometimes it's too much "talking" and not enough demonstration, so to speak. Wouldn't it be great to link to a news story you're talking about, or post a video on a sporting event you're talking about, so that people reading your blog can catch up to speed? Imagine posting news like that and being able to earn money from the views you get from the people visiting your site?

At The News Room you can embed or mashup video from major press agencies like The Associated Press or Reuters and earn while doing so. The news can be on anything from Technology (great for my other blog) to Sports (see an example down below). It's really easy to embed videos, as you can see from the video below on the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs, which Ottawa lost I might add, pretty much anyone can do it. It's simple and you can earn up to $4 per thousand impressions (CPM) for visits on your site. Sounds like a great idea, get views to your site, provide news to accompany it, and earn some cash on the side.

I'm hoping to use them more often with related news, so check out the video below and of course let me know what you guys think.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Personal Training

Today I was working out with my roomate's boyfriend, who is a friend of mine from my days at LIU as well, and I'm just thinking about it since I've never had a personal trainer work out with me apart from a coach.

I'm pretty knowledgable since I've gotten a degree in Athletic Training and Sports Sciences, and since I've lifted for a very long time, over 11 years, but still have never had a person pretty much one-on-one workout with me. It's a new feeling but it's pretty cool. I do the same thing for other people, when I take them to the gym, or when I write a program down, but it's cool being on the other side for once.

Anyone have any thoughts on personal training, I can go on and on but I'm thinking of a more abstract point of view right now, but as per usual, comment away!


Friday, June 01, 2007

Random thoughts : Religion and Faith

I don't know about most of you guys but I'm not a very religious guy, I may even be Agnostic or an Atheist, I really don't know which to settle on right now. I was born Catholic, from which you can read more info HERE about being a roman catholic, but I still don't know if I want to follow a religion or not. I respect people who are good and believe in a higher power, not people who think they are Clairvoyant or whatever, but for me the topic of Religion & Faith is a strange one that requires a lot of thought.

What are your thoughts on religion? Maybe I should've posted this on my personal blog, but hey, I'll spread the thoughts and the love all around.

Post your comments and thoughts,


Lifted again and running!

Yep, just a quick update on the running, since I'm a) not travelling much and b) not spending too much time outdoors (until this weekend, but more on that later). I've actually started running real distance, like 4-5 mile runs at decent pace. I've only ran 3-4 days out of the last 2 weeks but hey at least it's a start to getting back into shape.

I still don't know what I want to do, but hopefully running around will get my mind and body focused and me thinking about the possibilities.

I also lifted on Wednesday, and I plan on lifting tomorrow as well, more power to me!

More later,

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