Friday, March 30, 2007

Everyone needs health insurance

Being an athlete, and someone who works as an Athletic Trainer in a PT clinic, I really know the importance of Health Insurance, without it most of our patients wouldn't be able to get therapy. It's crucial to have Health Insurance for pretty much anyone these days, just being young don't mean anything, the minute you tear your ACL or injure your ankle where you going to go? This site here has great Health Insurance quotes from all over, whether you're looking for Colorado Health Insurance or anywhere else. Check them out and see what's affordable to you, trust me you're going to need some.

There's my advice for the night, enjoy!


Nice article about the Montreal Canadiens

I was reading ESPN the other week and usually it lacks very good hockey coverage due to Hockey being the 4th major sport in the US however I actually read a great article on my favorite team, the Montreal Canadiens. It wasn't a very positive article, but some of the sentiments were right on the money on the state of the Montreal Canadiens.

Check it out hockey fans, great read!

More later from Maryland,


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Article on my other Blog, merging sports and electronics

Just going to link you guys quickly to an article on my other main tech blog speaking about how Arsenal and Emirates stadium is sending instant replays and live stats to PSP users. I think it's great news so that sports fans can get the goal they missed or another replay with some stats to boot. Now to steal from the article too much but the full article is HERE.

As for updates I'm sorry my trip to North Carolina and Wake Forest for a track meet have kept me pretty busy. I know I've promised some pictures, maybe I'll just make a public link to my Facebook photo album.

Alright more later, time to review things at the library,


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pingo phone cards for the road.

I'm on the road again and unfortunately when you're on the road a lot you need to have some calling cards to call home, which in my place is Canada, or for my friend who needs calling cards for haiti phone calls I've always gone with Pingo. Pingo has great rates, like 2 cents to Canada, instead of my phone with Tmobile. Whenever I don't have my Pingo calling cards with me, I have to use Tmobile's international rates, which is 20cents a minute to Canada, so that's 10 times more per minute. Yep it's not great, which is why Pingo is a great option for me. If you need to keep in touch with people in foreign lands or just need a great option for calling cards check out Pingo.



Up in North Carolina

Yep I didn't get around to posting pics of Miami (due to time constraints this) so instead I'm at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, relaxing in my hotel room. It's weird because I'm staying at a really nice hotel, well it's a Hotel and Spa, with free Wifi and Continental breakfast, so it's a definite step up from the Ramada we stayed in for a week.

We're playing the new Video Game, Soul Calibur 3, in the hotel. Yes I know very interesting but hey it's all I have for today. Maybe I'll able to explore Winston-Salem more, since it seems to be a happening place.

Alright more later,

P.S. Karen I would have pics but I'm on a borrow laptop, I'll get some up soon I swear!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Lack of posts from vacation

I feel I've totally neglected my infant blog while I was away in Florida. Sure I've posted on my other blog a couple of times, posted some pictures on facebook, but I haven't really gotten the chance to post here.

I think I'm going to make a giant post tomorrow (or later tonight, lol) with some funny pictures and sights from the trip, why not, you people read my travel blog, maybe I should post some travelling pictures.

Once again I apologize for missing a week, but hey, when you're training and having fun time flies!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Credit Card thinking while on vacation

Since I'm here in Miami I've been going over my finances and doing rough calculations for the months ahead and looking over my 2 credit cards. I was a little reluctant to have 2 credit cards at first but overall I find that if you can manage your cards and only use one at a time you're fine. It's often a wise decision to do some balance transfers if you have a high interest beginning card with a lot of debt you can get a 0% credit card, which is low interest to save you money while you pay it off. There's also tons of credit cards with nice things like cash back, no annual fees and other perks like Air Miles, so why not compare credit cards and find out which one is for you. I'm thinking of getting another card, I keep getting offers, but of course doing my research is key and whenever anyone is looking for one check around, there's always options.

There's my advice for the night, enjoy!


Monday, March 12, 2007

Greetings from Miami

It's been tough to post here since the internet connection is iffy and I don't have a great laptop but just letting everyone know I'm here and I'm alive, lol.

I spent the last 2 days on South Beach, enjoying the sun, grabbing some Wet Willies (they make these slush cocktails that are famous and full of alcohol, great for Spring Break), cruising Washington Ave and Ocean Dr, looking at all the hotels, bars and lounges. It's great and I'm getting a nice tan.

The place we're staying at, which is the Ramada in Hialeah, sucks but whatever I'm in Florida for free so I can't complain.

Alright more news over the week, I'll try to post/link to some pictures.

More later,


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yoga, what you guys think?

I just did Yoga for the first time on Friday, it was really nice since I had never done it before and it was great. It was really relaxing, and I felt great from the stretching and strengthening exercises we were doing. I didn't know much about doing Yoga before I started, but since I've started I've been doing some research. A good place to go to is Yogawiz. There you can Learn About Yoga Poses and Yoga Health Benefits for free. Pretty awesome site if you want to learn.

Check it out and tell me what you think,


Bad day for my sports teams

Yea it wasn't a good day of my teams today, since Arsenal tied their match in the Champions League against PSV Eindhoven 1-1 but they lost the 2nd match therefore losing on a 2-1 aggregate. I don't feel so bad since Barcelona also got knocked out, which was good since I wanted Liverpool to win, but still, my Gunners have no chance for silverware this year. What can you do? Also Thierry Henry is injured now, as they rushed him to play, so that's another big blow for us. Hopefully the youngsters can keep us up there in the Premiership.

As for my other favorite team, the Montreal Canadiens, they didn't play, but they're not in 8th place anymore, since Toronto won last night. They play the Atlanta Thrashers in Atlanta tonight, so hopefully they'll will and get that spot back, they REALLY need it.

Alright more later, I don't feel like talking about track as I hurt my hamstring and itdon't feel too good right now.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Great sports blog from a fellow Montrealer and great workouts

Long tuesday at the PT clinic today, well at least I got to study, which was really nice due to the cold there weren't many patients. Then I had the chance to run afterwards in the very nice Equinox Gym (which is where the PT clinic is located in) where I did a nice Tempo run with decreasing pace. I went 7:00min/mile pace, then 6:30, then 6:00, then 5:45, then 5:30 for my fastest mile, then came back up to 7:00 for the last mile of my 6 mile run. I felt great, so happy.

Also I want to mention this blog I frequent from Montreal (my Hometown and the town I'll ALWAYS root for no matter what) that focuses on Sports. The guy's name is Frank and like me he's a big Habs fan, so you have to visit his blog, which is called Overtime. The URL for it is so now you have no reason not to visit it :)

Alright time to relax, morning practice at 7am tomorrow :(


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sandals for Miami?

I was just looking through my things seeing what I have and what I'm going to need for the trip and I was like, I don't have sandals for the beach. Sure I have cheap sandals I use for the shower but nice rainbow sandals from Active-Sandals. You need some comfy sandals, especially in a case like me where I'm going to be walking around all day, and I want them to last so rainbow sandals are the way to go (and I don't look like a hippy as if I were wearing Bickenstocks).

Check them out, the styles are pretty nice.


Can't wait until Miami, well, just for the time off

The ETA until my Miami trip is one week, and I'm excited. It'll mean the end of a tough week at work, school and track, and some REALLY nice weather. We're not going to be staying downtown or anywhere near South Beach, my coaches have taken care of that. Hopefully however it won't be the dirty Ramada Inn in Hialeah, which is right next to Miami International and in the middle of nowhere. Supposedly we're staying in a Marriott, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

Anything I should try to do in Miami apart from the whole South Beach thing? I'm looking for suggestions, since last time wasn't too fun as far as locations and sight seeing goes.

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