Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Credit Card thinking while on vacation

Since I'm here in Miami I've been going over my finances and doing rough calculations for the months ahead and looking over my 2 credit cards. I was a little reluctant to have 2 credit cards at first but overall I find that if you can manage your cards and only use one at a time you're fine. It's often a wise decision to do some balance transfers if you have a high interest beginning card with a lot of debt you can get a 0% credit card, which is low interest to save you money while you pay it off. There's also tons of credit cards with nice things like cash back, no annual fees and other perks like Air Miles, so why not compare credit cards and find out which one is for you. I'm thinking of getting another card, I keep getting offers, but of course doing my research is key and whenever anyone is looking for one check around, there's always options.

There's my advice for the night, enjoy!


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