Thursday, January 03, 2008

Travel Insurance

While I was traveling during the Christmas break I was offered traveler's insurance by my airline. I declined since I had insurance in Canada and the US (I'm lucky in that regard) but it made me think a little bit. Having traveled to China, Europe and other far off places, I know that the need for insurance is great, but how many people really pick up the option to get traveler's insurance when they buy their tickets?

That's why grabbing a small insurance policy, even one that's as little as $1 a day while you're away, can be a lifesaver. It can cover things like medical emergencies in a country, emergency evacuation, a doctor's visit, and etc. Click here for a FREE Quote and check how much it is for you, I'm sure it's worth it to save yourself from the medical bills in the end.

Enjoy the new year guys, happy trails!

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