Thursday, April 19, 2007 - A new site for runners

I've been running for over 11 years on a competitive level participating in Track and Field and other forms of distance running so when people ask me about running I always got something to say. I've read many books, including the Daniel's Running Formula and Martin and Coe's Better Training for Distance Runners, so I'm not exactly a running guru but I know my stuff. That's why I try to keep tabs on what's going with running around the web, from major sport races to sites like

In looking at those sites, I've noticed a new site pop up called The Runners Guide. Normally I'm not one for the beginning running sites but I decided to take a look on the quality of the non-major running sites and I was presently surprised. The site has a bunch of small articles with tips for runners, from track athletes performing the sprints to distance runners. In particular their Benefits of Running article was very good and to the point, with factual information, since I am an Athletic Trainer and Sports Science major I know my physiology. Not too bad for a starting site.

The Runners Guide is off to a great start in my books, however there's always room for improvements. I would like more news and updates on the front page, as well tie in the other pages, the Blog and the forum, more prominently on the front page, they're great and should get more attention. Overall I think it's a nice running site for beginners to seasoned runners alike looking for some training tips, so check it out, and of course, post your thoughts.


Hockey and Track news

Yep, since my Canadiens are not in the playoffs, I haven't been following the NHL as much as I'd like too. Unfortunately I'm a busy American with fewer chances to watch NHL playoff games than what I'd be able to do if I was in Canada which has contributed to the lack of playoff games for me.

My boss went to see the Rangers game on Tuesday or Wednesday night (can't remember), where they sweeped the Atlanta Thrashers, and I can just imagine the Garden on a night like that.

As for me, track news is few and far between, since it has been an off week due to school conflicting with my running schedule. I had a really great practice on Monday afternoon, but haven't really run seriously since then. No worries I have a big race at Wagner this weekend, and a light practice tomorrow, so I'll be fine.

I'll post more tomorrow about the meet, the METS championships at St-John's, but for now I'll just take care of the priorities, food and rest.

More news tomorrow,


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Need a personal loan?

As I've mentionned before, I've been looking at maybe taking a persoanl loan to finance my trip to China this summer. There's a nice site out there if you're looking for a personal loan, payday loan or anything in between. IT's a nice quick site with tips, news, alternative loan programs and more. Right now they got a Carnival of Budgeting hosted on their site, which is good because they got tons of links to other sites on finance, budgeting, loans and more, so you'll get more than just loan news. Overall it's a nice starting site headed in the right direction, and one that I'll be checking up more and more to learn more about them.



Stuck at Wagner College in Staten Island

This is my first blog post from the Island of Staten as I like to say, I'm in the Wagner College Athletic Training room waiting for LAX (Lacrosse) to practice.

Nothing going on in Sports today that's interesting me, Arsenal plays today, they beat Bolton to maintain the 4th spot in the FA Premier League so they're on their way to the Champions League.

Anything going on with you guys? C'mon people!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Need to cleanse your system?

I know many people who believe in cleansing their colon or entire digestive system of all the toxins. They go on diets, take diuretics, drink only tea, or use other ways to do this. This may not be the way to go, especially if it causes side-effects like loose stools, cramping and more. There's a Dual Action Cleanse product out now that's an all-natural herbal formula. It may be what these people need to cleanse while preventing the terrible side effects of cleansing.

If you cleanse yourself regularly, check this product out, and as always, post your thoughts/comments.


32 dead as Gunman kills students at Virginia Tech

Since Virginia Tech is a big football school and this is my non-tech blog I figured talking about the incident would be appropriate here.

As I linked to the Yahoo! News Report, a gunman killed 32 people at the Virginia Tech Campus today. I found out about it during my lunch break at work, and was pretty shocked. It's amazing how someone could just walk onto campus and open fire in this day and age but somehow this guy not only walked into the dorms in the early morning he walked into a larger part of the campus, chain some doors to a Lecture hall, and shoot more people. I don't have much of an opinion since there's so few facts right now so if anyone else knows much more please share.

There won't be many answers for some time, so I'm just going to have to sympathize with the victims of this shooting and their friends and family.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Things needed when travelling

I was speaking to my friend Carter last night trying to figure out details for our trip to China and the things I'm going to need to step before leaving. One of the key aspects is having a bank account that's a) accessible worldwide and b) accessible from the Internet. I may not be traveling to the UK this time so I'll be using one of my local bank accounts but those living in the United Kingdom should check out The Co-Operative Bank for it's range of products, including it's online banking accounts, which could be great for reaching overseas. I wouldn't hesitate to check it out, since their accounts can be managed online from anywhere in the world it seems like a good option for travelers.

Other things I have been working on are travel tickets and VISA's, but those are stories for another time when I get more info to share with you guys. Enjoy the tips,


It's raining in NYC

Not a great day in New York today, since it's pretty much a torrential downpour over here. I even went to cover football practice for the NYPD but they had to watch film since the field was nearly flooded.

As for me, yesterday I had mini-meet at Wagner College, it's a Quad-Meet where 4 teams show up, run enough races to make the meet official for all teams, then leave. We used it as a workout, and I ran the 4x800m and the 400m. I didn't run that well, only running a 2:04 split for my 800m leg and a 54.4 for the 400m, but it was a workout and I wasn't too disappointed.

Alright that's all that's going on for now with me, more later,


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Time for some free stuff

Normally I reserve the free stuff for my other blog (The Beginnings of a Blog) but I've never given links or much advice to anything so I might as well share some with you guys today.

Everyone who has a computer should have some Anti-Virus. I mean Anti-Virus is basic protection, and you can now get it for free. If you're looking for software, what beats free, and to get some free Antivirus you should check out this site called They offer not only a free copy of Norton Anti-Virus, but other free software such as Firefox, Skype, etc all bundled together by Google. It can't hurt to check it out, so why not give it a shot, I use these myself, so I definately recommend them.



Montreal lost, Tiger Woods lost, not a good weekend for my favorites

As you know, I've always loved the Montreal Canadiens. I thought they had it all setup to make the playoffs and do well, they were ahead in points and all they had to do was beat Toronto. Somehow they failed, and failed in the most improbable way. Not only did they have the lead going into the 3rd period but they seemed to have all the momentum. Oh well, another disappointing year for the Habs.

Yea and Tiger Woods didn't disappoint me as badly, however he easily could've won the Masters. He was only 2 strokes back, and stayed exactly where he started the day, whereas the people who beat him came from behind to do so. Maybe if he hadn't shattered his club he could've done so.

Yea just ranting about this past weekend, I didn't do any better at Duke, so maybe I should throw myself down the same hole.

Alright more rants later,


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Drug Rehabilitation

I do work with some Drug rehabilitation patients at the PT clinic and I've heard some stories about what works and what doesn't. Let me tell you, there's some weird places out there, not to mention some weird people, who think that the best way to rehabilitate is to medicate. I don't think that's the case at all, I think a whole philosophy on changing the whole person, their habits, they way of thinking, in order to re-establish their self needs to take place. That's why when looking at drug rehab places like StoneHawk work because they work on the person's mind, not their body. They let the person figure out what's right, what's wrong, by teaching ethics, morals. No useless group therapy, they empower the person to change for himself.

Personally I think it's the way to go, may not be the place for you but check it out, it's a different approach but one that looks to make positive changes on the person himself.

Enjoy the health review,


Exhausted from travelling

Just got back in today from Duke, and lucky for me I got to fly back early. My flight at was 7am from Raleigh-Durham International Airport, which wasn't big but not that small either, however I didn't expect to have to walk to my plane outside. I'm just not used to flying these regional jets yet I guess. I was exhausted from getting up at 5:30am to get there and i didn't get much time to eat or settle in before going to Wagner for my Men's Lacrosse game.

Wagner lost the game 12-6 to Providence, but they made some strides, hopefully they can come back strong for the rest of their games this season. As for me I got the night to relax, no sports or anything, however I am pissed off the Canadiens lost tonight, they're out of the playoffs, the f-ing bums.

Oh well another day, more later


Friday, April 06, 2007

Need some help with that diet, try the Nueslim Diet Pill

I'm not a big fan of diet pills for personal use, as being a Sports Science major and Athletic Trainer I know that most dieting goals can be met through a steady combination of improved diet and exercise habits. However, for some people it just isn't enough, or time efficient, and a diet pill might be the tool for them. Nueslim, a new pill out there that's receiving some great feedback, could be that tool for you. It's reasonably priced at $9.95 a bottle, with a lifetime money back guarantee, which is rare in the diet industry. Pretty good deal so that if it doesn't work you can take it back and get your money back, so why not try it out if you need that boost.



A disappointing day, but lessons learned

Yep I'm in North Carolina for the day for the Duke Invitational at Duke University for track, and unfortunately it didn't go as planned. I was supposed to run 2 races, the 400m and the 1500m, however I took myself out of the race even before I got on the track. I don't really know what I was thinking but I wasn't thinking about the race, I had found out I had not made the seeded section of the 1500m which meant I had the unseeded 400m and 1500m pretty much within 2 hours of each other. What did I do? I let it get to my head and tried to "chill" on the 400m. That was a mistake, since I ran pretty slow and just relaxed. I should've have done that and I paid for it with a 53.3, which is unacceptable.

Then 2 hours later, with that on my mind, some words from coach, me feeling tired from the race and the hills, I ran the 1500m. Once again I wasn't focused, didn't feel confident, and I ran like it. I ran my first 800m of the race fine in 2:09, but then I just crashed and burned. I don't know why I did it, I'm much better than that, however I just let it go to run a 4:21, a joke. I learned a big lesson today, that if I think negative, don't feel confident and feel tired I'll run exactly how I feel. I need to get back to that positive mindset I had in high school.

I'm going to go out this Wednesday at Wagner, and accomplish that, no excuses.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Visiting NY and a need a chiropractor?

I'm not one who's had much experience with chiropractors, I'm an Athletic Trainer and we work mostly with Physical Therapists or Orthopedic Doctors but my track coach and other people swear by them. Well if you're looking for a Chiropractic Clinic that also specializes in Neurology check out Spine and Sports Medicine New York. They got a New York Neurologist Physician on staff and deal with things from Sports Injuries to back pain management. I'm Brooklyn based so I haven't heard much about them, but the outside of their office is nice, it's on Madison near GoodBurger, so check them out if your in Manhattan and need some help.



Sunday, April 01, 2007

Photo's from Miami and others

Since I've been lazy, I haven't moved nor blogged on my personal site, yet I did upload pictures on facebook.

Here's the Full Album on Facebook, not everything is on there so if you want to see pictures my other friends posted sign up and add me as a friend :)

Here's my favorite picture, me and the boys, just cuz I look good :p

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Want to get your sport site to be #1 in Google?

I know everyone wants to have visitors and be a number one site whenever someone searches for sports like hockey, soccer or even the smaller sports like track in Google. I mean who doesn't want to have good search engine results, it could really kill traffic to your site. That's why great search engine optimization is important for every site, and the guys at Etrafficjams have a solution to help you if you're not reaching your goals. They guarantee top 10 placement in Google, MSN and Yahoo or they give you your money back (minus the initial service fee), which is a great way to get huge amounts of traffic to your site. Imagine if everything was pay for performance like that, maybe I'd get some bonuses from LIU, lol.

Check them out and give your site a boost, enjoy!


Track results roundup for the last couple of weeks

It's the end of my 3rd week of outdoors and I haven't been keeping you guys up to date on my track results lately so I thought I'd change that and list you some meet by meet results.

In Miami, a couple weeks back, I only ran the 1500m, and unfortunately, I didn't run well since my hip was bothering me. I ran a 4:14 in the slow heat, which was 7th in that heat but far from a great time, wasn't too please but I really shouldn't have run it.

The next week however I atoned for my bad races in Wake Forest. I ran 2 races, the 400m on the first day and a 1500m on the second day. I opened up with a 52.4 with was good for a distance runner running the 400m and followed it up with a 4:08 in the 1500m, which wasn't bad since I was getting back into my form in that race. I did identify some weaknesses in that race but hopefully I'll be able to shape up and fix my mistakes.

This last weekend I was at the University of Maryland, in College Park, where I ran the 800m and the 4x400m. The relay was just for a workout, nothing serious or demanding, and I ran a 52.6, not fast but it was cold and late. I did run better in the 800m, where I ran a 1:58.3, but it wasn't that great since I had a slow heat, strong wind on the back stretch, and the race took out way too slow for some really good times.

That's the roundup for now, I'm running at Duke University this weekend, more details soon,

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