Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hockey and Track news

Yep, since my Canadiens are not in the playoffs, I haven't been following the NHL as much as I'd like too. Unfortunately I'm a busy American with fewer chances to watch NHL playoff games than what I'd be able to do if I was in Canada which has contributed to the lack of playoff games for me.

My boss went to see the Rangers game on Tuesday or Wednesday night (can't remember), where they sweeped the Atlanta Thrashers, and I can just imagine the Garden on a night like that.

As for me, track news is few and far between, since it has been an off week due to school conflicting with my running schedule. I had a really great practice on Monday afternoon, but haven't really run seriously since then. No worries I have a big race at Wagner this weekend, and a light practice tomorrow, so I'll be fine.

I'll post more tomorrow about the meet, the METS championships at St-John's, but for now I'll just take care of the priorities, food and rest.

More news tomorrow,


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Frank said...

check my blog for hockey man... ;)

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