Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's raining in NYC

Not a great day in New York today, since it's pretty much a torrential downpour over here. I even went to cover football practice for the NYPD but they had to watch film since the field was nearly flooded.

As for me, yesterday I had mini-meet at Wagner College, it's a Quad-Meet where 4 teams show up, run enough races to make the meet official for all teams, then leave. We used it as a workout, and I ran the 4x800m and the 400m. I didn't run that well, only running a 2:04 split for my 800m leg and a 54.4 for the 400m, but it was a workout and I wasn't too disappointed.

Alright that's all that's going on for now with me, more later,


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