Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Montreal lost, Tiger Woods lost, not a good weekend for my favorites

As you know, I've always loved the Montreal Canadiens. I thought they had it all setup to make the playoffs and do well, they were ahead in points and all they had to do was beat Toronto. Somehow they failed, and failed in the most improbable way. Not only did they have the lead going into the 3rd period but they seemed to have all the momentum. Oh well, another disappointing year for the Habs.

Yea and Tiger Woods didn't disappoint me as badly, however he easily could've won the Masters. He was only 2 strokes back, and stayed exactly where he started the day, whereas the people who beat him came from behind to do so. Maybe if he hadn't shattered his club he could've done so.

Yea just ranting about this past weekend, I didn't do any better at Duke, so maybe I should throw myself down the same hole.

Alright more rants later,


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