Thursday, April 12, 2007

Things needed when travelling

I was speaking to my friend Carter last night trying to figure out details for our trip to China and the things I'm going to need to step before leaving. One of the key aspects is having a bank account that's a) accessible worldwide and b) accessible from the Internet. I may not be traveling to the UK this time so I'll be using one of my local bank accounts but those living in the United Kingdom should check out The Co-Operative Bank for it's range of products, including it's online banking accounts, which could be great for reaching overseas. I wouldn't hesitate to check it out, since their accounts can be managed online from anywhere in the world it seems like a good option for travelers.

Other things I have been working on are travel tickets and VISA's, but those are stories for another time when I get more info to share with you guys. Enjoy the tips,


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