Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Visiting NY and a need a chiropractor?

I'm not one who's had much experience with chiropractors, I'm an Athletic Trainer and we work mostly with Physical Therapists or Orthopedic Doctors but my track coach and other people swear by them. Well if you're looking for a Chiropractic Clinic that also specializes in Neurology check out Spine and Sports Medicine New York. They got a New York Neurologist Physician on staff and deal with things from Sports Injuries to back pain management. I'm Brooklyn based so I haven't heard much about them, but the outside of their office is nice, it's on Madison near GoodBurger, so check them out if your in Manhattan and need some help.




Drew said...

Steve, check out my new outdoors/technology blog called The Wired Kayaker.

Steve said...

Definitely will do, didn't know you Kayaked along with taking pictures, lol.


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