Thursday, April 19, 2007 - A new site for runners

I've been running for over 11 years on a competitive level participating in Track and Field and other forms of distance running so when people ask me about running I always got something to say. I've read many books, including the Daniel's Running Formula and Martin and Coe's Better Training for Distance Runners, so I'm not exactly a running guru but I know my stuff. That's why I try to keep tabs on what's going with running around the web, from major sport races to sites like

In looking at those sites, I've noticed a new site pop up called The Runners Guide. Normally I'm not one for the beginning running sites but I decided to take a look on the quality of the non-major running sites and I was presently surprised. The site has a bunch of small articles with tips for runners, from track athletes performing the sprints to distance runners. In particular their Benefits of Running article was very good and to the point, with factual information, since I am an Athletic Trainer and Sports Science major I know my physiology. Not too bad for a starting site.

The Runners Guide is off to a great start in my books, however there's always room for improvements. I would like more news and updates on the front page, as well tie in the other pages, the Blog and the forum, more prominently on the front page, they're great and should get more attention. Overall I think it's a nice running site for beginners to seasoned runners alike looking for some training tips, so check it out, and of course, post your thoughts.



Drew said...

Good site for runners, check out cool runnings too. That is a decent one for upcoming races.

juLai said...

Hi good hopping to gain more friends.can we exchange links?thanks

Tampa Zephyr said...

Steve -- Thanks for the site. As a new runner, I will take any advice I can get.

Steve said...

Thanks for the words guys and that's a great site 2 Drew, when your not taking pictures or Kayaking I'm guessing your running then right? lol


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