Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wow it's been a month

I know this is my second blog on blogspot but I feel bad about not updating for a month. In april I had more free time than I do now, well at least in April I had a stable internet connection instead of my amazing Tmobile EDGE internet (sarcasm). It's slow but it gets the job done but you need to set aside way more time than usual due to the lack of speed of EDGE, it's only 2-3x faster than 56k, and I don't think it's that fast either.

As for running, it's a really long story, I feel like back dating some posts but I think that's not fair to you guys. I want to tell the story of my conference meet, which was my last collegiate race but it didn't go well and I didn't have the motivation until now to write about it online. Now it's just water under the bridge and I'm moving forward with my running, which is another post in itself.

More coming soon, I won't say tomorrow but I'll say this week, after the DSL arrives, lol.


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