Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thoughts on the Seduce A Celeb contest at

Honestly, who wouldn't want to travel to Hollywood and have a nice date with a hot actress? is having a contest for users to submit video's in order to Secude a celeb and win their heart. The actress in the video below is Mirelly Taylor, who's appeared in movies such as Kiss me Again, Serving Sara and in television shows including "Las Vegas", "Punk'd" and "Numb3rs". I think it's a cool idea to have people do as she says and have the community at large vote on who wins the dates. If you've seen any of the videos from the contestants you'll laugh too, it's pretty funny. I personally haven't met many actress that have been on big time shows, and I can't remember see Mirelly personally, since I've barely watched Punk'd a couple of times, and the other shows I've pretty much never watched. Anyone a fan of hers? Who's really out there to win a date? or you just trying to get a video on the internet for millions to see for themselves and get into Hollywood that way? There's tons of Free videos at, so maybe you can get your own channel or watch some other videos if you're not into the whole contest thing.

There's my 2 cents, now go make some videos and earn yourself a date!


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