Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bid on prizes and win some free stuff on

As you all know, I'm an outdoors sporty kind of guy. Since I'm outdoors all day, especially when I'm covering events as an Athletic Trainer, you need a good set of shades. Crappy sunglasses won't cut it, you'll look ugly and they'll break easily. That's why I want to win that $500 Gift card to Sunglasses Hut. I'm sure a real pair of Oakleys, not the fake ones I have now, wouldn't break the second I drop them. is an interesting site operating on the whole lowest bid concept. You bid on a prize, and they'll say if you're above or below the lowest bid. The object is to get closest to the amount that the bid is currently at, but that amount can go up or down depending on who bids where. It can be anywhere from a dollar to 500 dollars. Their site has more explanations but it's free to bid so why not. Can't hurt to try.

Enjoy the site and let me know if you guys win something.


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