Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bad day for my sports teams

Yea it wasn't a good day of my teams today, since Arsenal tied their match in the Champions League against PSV Eindhoven 1-1 but they lost the 2nd match therefore losing on a 2-1 aggregate. I don't feel so bad since Barcelona also got knocked out, which was good since I wanted Liverpool to win, but still, my Gunners have no chance for silverware this year. What can you do? Also Thierry Henry is injured now, as they rushed him to play, so that's another big blow for us. Hopefully the youngsters can keep us up there in the Premiership.

As for my other favorite team, the Montreal Canadiens, they didn't play, but they're not in 8th place anymore, since Toronto won last night. They play the Atlanta Thrashers in Atlanta tonight, so hopefully they'll will and get that spot back, they REALLY need it.

Alright more later, I don't feel like talking about track as I hurt my hamstring and itdon't feel too good right now.


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