Friday, December 22, 2006

2 Days off for sickness then McGill is closed

Hey, been enjoying my break at home except for the fact that I've been sick the last 2 days. I think it's cause I went out that Monday night after I wrote my last post and went for an hour in the freezing cold with a huge windchill. Also might be my house, it's really dusty and we got a new dog called Mya so I might not be adjusted to her yet.

So I took the last 2 days off, I know I shouldn't sometimes it happens. Whatever I got off my butt and took care of all my Passport stuff today, since I had a feeling it wouldn't get done it time and my mom bugging me to do it. Me and Cicilic went to the office, chilled downtown, then I went to the Track with Cicilic. I had a 5x1200m workout at 2:24-2:28 through the 800 for the 1200m. I was feeling good until my last one where my sickness/lack of fitness caught up and I couldn't finish it. I decided not to push and just relaxed. I hit my times for the 1st 4 repeats, so I was happpy.

I also taught Cicilic a bunch of exercises, we'll see how that goes with him, or if he'll continue doing them.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go lifting since the track is close, we'll see, more later,


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