Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Training during the break is tough - Visit to St-Lazare

Yea I'm back home and even though I'm on vacation I still find it tough to train. I still don't have that much free time so finding the time or the will to get out and run, or get down to McGill to lift since they closed the track isn't fun. I managed to get 4 days last week, so hopefully this week will be better. We'll see. At least I'm having fun with my friends and I'm not being stupid by partying too much.

Oh yea interesting thing is that I went to St-Lazare yesterday and had a bonfire outside with Silo, Cicilic and a whole bunch of friends from High School. Was pretty awesome. I'm trying to put the pictures up on my personal Blog but we'll have to see once I figure it all once I'm done with it. Check out facebook for more info on that.

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