Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back in NYC - Fordham Invitational

Back to New York I am, and with that it means more training and running. It's good being back for that reason, and the meal money doesn't hurt, however I'm not in my permanent room and that's annoying.

The trip back on the Greyhound was fun since I met this nice lady from Long Island who was a runner so it was interesting talking to her. Then I crashed at my friends house in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, which isn't as bad as people make it seem. Then I was in the dorms and off to the Fordham Invitational up in the Armory Track & Field Center, which is up in Washington Heights, the northern part of the Island of Manhattan in New York City.

I ran 2 race today, the 1000m and the 4x800m. The 1000m didn't go so well, I didn't attack and only tried to run the last 150m, that usually doesn't work and you don't get a great time doing that. So I ended up with the subpar time of 2:36. Next we ran a 4x800m relay, which was fun and interesting, it's not a traditional race Indoors for us since there's no 4x800m at Conference Championships but we had run. We ended up in 8:09, not a great time, however I ended up running a 1:59.5 split for my leg, the fastest split on the team, so I was happy with that result as well. Hey I might be an 800m runner after all, we'll see.

Alright more news as the week progresses,


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