Saturday, January 27, 2007

I tanked

I ran a horrible race at Boston. I was feeling good, had some new shoes, was in the right heat, just choked and ran other people's races. I still ran a 4:31 after quitting at 200m left. I never felt right, I should've taken the lead and gone out. I came around too slow, there's just so many should've and could'ves and would'ves that I just don't wanna go over every point.

Yea you can see I'm still mad. Whatever, bad races happen, and I need to get over it. Tomorrow I got a workout, and I'll take out my aggression there.

Btw the Amtrak was fun and nice, just like European trains. Too bad it's just really expensive, unlike the train in Europe. It was clean, modern, had electrical plugs for each passenger, and it had ample room. I liked the experience overall.

Alright more later,


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