Saturday, January 20, 2007

Long week back, now the Great Dane Invitational

This week I'm again back at the Armory, for the last in a set of 3 races in a row there. It'll be good to get out of here next week for the Terrier Classic up in Boston, but since I'm stuck in New York I had to take care of business.

Coach was impressed by my run of two 4:30s pretty much back to back so she wanted to see what I could do in the 3000m again. I wanted to see what I could do in a speed situation after that 4x800m so I asked to do an 800m, so she obliged. It was a great meet for me, since I started out the day running the 800 and I ran a 1:59.22, a new indoor 800m Personal Best. It felt great and easy, ran a 28 for the 1st 200m (remember indoor 200m tracks), then 3 consecutive 30's, they were 30.XX but they totalled for a 1:59. Then I had the 3000m, and since I was feeling good from the 800m I just went out and did what I could. It was a smaller meet, and I was put into the Seeded section of the 3000m, meaning I was in the fastest heat, and I didn't disappoint, running 8:58, a new Indoors Personal Best in the 3000m. Yep I was estatic, since I had the strength now to run a short and long race in the same day and still run respectable times.

Now to get my revenge on the Mile, off to Boston!


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