Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another week another Track Meet

While I'm still on Winter Break at LIU track don't take no break, so we have our season meet of the break at the NYU Gotham Cup which takes place at everyone's favorite track, The Armory, up in Washington Heights, Manhattan, NY. This time we're running our 1st DMR of the season, where I'm running the Mile leg, and I'm running the Mile individually. The DMR is the short form for the Distance Medley relay, where a team of 4 runners run 4 different legs. The leadoff leg runs a 1200m, then the 2nd leg runs a 400m, he hands off to the 800m leg and lastly the anchor leg runs a 1600m, or metric mile.

So I had the individual mile first, and I went out in 2:10, a little slow, but then lost focus and couldn't run the way I wanted too. Don't know why but I ended up running a 4:30.5, which is slow by my standards since I had run a 4:27 the year before. Next up was the Medley, and Dan led it off, ran 3:14, nothing spectacular, followed by a 52.8 in the 400m by Akil. Then Kel ran a 2:01/2:02, also subpar for him and then he handed it off to me. I ran a 4:31, but the way I ran it was really strong, since I went out in a 2:14 and came back in a 2:16, which meant I was getting stronger. I didn't run that fast of a time either, but running 2 4:30's back to back is a good sign of strength, we'll see what it earns me later.

Yep more later, or after the next race if I get lazy again, lol


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