Monday, January 29, 2007

Tough day today, nothing like a hard workout

Yea I had a really tough workout today which nearly killed me. It was a descending ladder of 1000-800-600-400-200. I was still ticked off from my mile this weekend so I took out and ran really hard my first repeat. I can through the 800 split of my 1000 faster than what I had to run for the 800, so I ran the next 800 kinda hurt. I didn't run well on the 600 either, but by the time the 400 came around, I hit 62 and then I finished strong with a 28 for the last 200.

These times may not mean much to you guys, but to me, it's a good sign I'm ready, and that even if I'm tired, I can still recover and run well. I should take that lesson into my next race, which is still up in the air. More on that later,

Alright off to shower, I stink since I haven't had time to take a shower since practice,


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