Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another race this weekend, and an interesting story of a Sudanese basketball player

Hey once again I've had another tough week at practice, 6x300m at under 43 seconds, so that's pretty exhausting, but overall I'm still in one piece. I have what could be my last indoor race of the season. It's called the NYU Last Chance meet, it's on Friday at the Armory, and it's a place where people who haven't made standards in their events to quality for IC4A or NCAA championships give it a last shot. I'm going to try to qualify in the 1000m, I'm ranked 8th so I have a shot.

Also in other news I read a really good article on a Sudanese basketball player who's from war-torn Sudan (the region close to Darfur I think). He has a really riviting story of what he's been through with his home country, his family and his career. It's quite amazing to tell the truth, and worth the read. You can check it out HERE if you want.



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