Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nice car site,

I'm in need of an automobile to take on weekend road-trips, since the Greyhound can only take you so far, and one of the best used cars sites I've found has to be They have easily one of the largest Used Cars classifieds or directories that I've seen, much bigger than Craigslist. It's really a great site since it not only has the car you're looking for, but the information on the car in boxes comparing the different models and engines, the recalls on the cars, the crash test results, mileage on the highway. Take for example Honda Civics, if you search for one, then select it, all this will appear, making your decision easier which helps you choose the right car.

I love Civics, my father has owned 2, and I'm looking into getting a 97 or a 98 for myself. Anyone else have any good Used Cars they want to share with me? Post away,


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