Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wirefly National Marathon in Washington DC on March 24th

Hey, since I'm not running myself I might advertise for a marathon I've heard about in Washington, DC, on March 24th. It's the Wirefly National Marathon, which is obviously sponsored by Wirefly and is a marathon around the greater Washington DC area and looks pretty interesting to me. Unfortunately I'm still running track or I'd consider running it since it's a Boston Marathon qualifier for all you fast guys out there as it's sanctionned by the USATF.

Just looking over the course map and elevation profile for you guys, it's a pretty decently flat course, a couple small rolling hills then a solid hill (75 ft elevation) around the 19th mile, so right before you hit the wall you'll get hit with a nice uphill but after that it flattens out 2 miles later and you can coast it in. I don't know how fast times are there since the winner only ran a 2:30, which isn't that fast so either the course is challenging still or the quality of the field wasn't up to par. That can be good for those looking to score a bit of prize money. Also the half-marathon had a winner with a 1:08 time, which is pretty nice, so the course isn't that slow, it really depends on the field.

There's other reason to run the marathon though. It's a great challenger for those non-runners or beginning runners out there, and it's for a good cause. The Wirefly National Marathon benefits a number of causes such under the League of Charities, such as the YMCA, Special Olympics, etc. You have to admit running and helping out people is a great thing, for yourself and for those you're helping out.

If you're looking for a spring marathon or willing to give it a shot, check out the Wirefly National Marathon in Washington, DC. As usual, post your thoughts on it? What marathons or races you run?


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