Monday, February 12, 2007

Need an orthopaedics surgeon? Try Gustafson Orthopaedics

Those who know me know I've battled injuries throughout my track career, and unfortunately those injuries took me out of competition for the better part of 2 years. I had 2 cartilage tears in my hip, which caused me tremendous amounts of Joint Pain, one inside the acetabulum and another in the labrum which holds the bone into the hip joint (the Athletic Trainer in me is talking right now). The only way to deal with these kind of tears is through rehabilitation or surgery. The rehab didn't go well, however surgery worked for me. That's why having a good orthopaedist is instrumental in recovering from these kinds of injuries. A good docter, like Dr. Allen Gustafson, who's a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, can provide you the basis for dealing with these kinds of injuries and many other types of joint or bone pain. They have a complete protocol involving the following steps:

* Thorough evaluation and accurate diagnosis of joint pain
* Effective treatment recommendations
* Patient education resources
* Expert surgical intervention, if needed
* A complete recovery program

It's a very complete program, similar to what my clients get at the Athletic Training room I work at, and I definetly recommend it. Check out Dr. Gustafson's website to learn more about this and let me know how it's working out for you.



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