Thursday, February 15, 2007

Trip to China, planning has begun

Yep for those who don't know I'm hoping to take a trip to China in the 2nd half of August until the 1st week of September. The dates aren't 100% certain yet since and my friend, Carter, who has a house down there, haven't figured out the details but we've begun to undertake the details and logistics of taking the trip down there.

So far a flight to Beijing from New York is around $1000, which isn't too bad, but then we gotta figure out how to get from Beijing to my friends house, then what we're going to do, and all those little things. So far we want to visit Tibet, Great Wall, and many other things. It should be a great way to start off my post-university life.

More news later, but anyone with any suggestions/tips for airfare or travel to China is welcome.


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