Monday, February 05, 2007

Yes the Colts won

As everyone probably knows by know, the Colts have won the Super Bowl by the score of 29-17. It was actually a closer game than the score suggested, with the Bears defence keeping them in the game, unfortunately Rex Grossman and the bears offence couldn't get it going at all and they lost.

There's a lot of talk about Peyton Manning shedding the curse of never winning the big game, but all he did was play smart, his teammates really did all the work, with Addai and Rhodes coming up big and the Defence shutting down the Bears all he had to do was not lose the game.

Also, I hear some rumours about Tony Dungy possibly leaving the Colts and retiring, I wonder why he would do that, unless he's tired or still reeling from the loss of his son. He's got the Super Bowl champions, a great offence, a defence that works, why wouldn't he come back.

Anyways that's my sports rant for the day, and the Canadiens won.

More tomorrow on track,


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