Thursday, February 15, 2007

Peter Forsberg Traded!

Sorry if you're not a hockey fan but there's some big news in the NHL tonight. Peter Forsberg, the 1991 1st round draft pick of the Philadelphia Flyers who played most of his career in Quebec City/Colorado before returning to the Flyers a couple of seasons ago, has been traded to the Nashville Predators.

What the Flyers got in return were forward Scottie Upshall, defenseman Ryan Parent and two draft picks.

Pretty amazing news, since it means Nashville is even stronger now with the addition of Forsberg they can really make a serious charge for the cup. Sure they lose out on some long-term future stability after losing 1st and 3rd round picks but that's the price you pay to win sometimes.

On other sports news my favorite soccer team Arsenal beat Bolton 3-1 to advance in the FA Cup, just thought I remind you guys since it happened on Tuesday.

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