Monday, February 12, 2007

Good day for me at Conference!

Yea just updating you guys on the races on Sunday. Unfortunately things don't always go to plan, I wanted to medal, I was ranked 4th in the 800m and was hoping to improve on that. I came 6th, and ran a time slower than the day before, but I was happy on how I ran the race. Things just didn't work for me.

I also ran the Mile, where I finished 8th but managed to set an Indoor personal best at 4:25. I'm much faster than that, I didn't even feel that good but ran hard and just couldn't turn on the jets went I want to at the end of the race.

My last event for the day was the Distance Medley Relay. I led it off, running an average 3:16 for the 1200m, however I was only in 5th when I handed off the Baton. My fresher teammates were able to get our team into 4th place by the time we handed off the baton to our last member, Dan, who was running the mile leg. He ran his heart out, and unfortunately, as he was crossing the line, he got passed at the end, and hit the guy who passed him with the stick. He didn't mean to, it was a kind of reaction, and instead of finishing 5th we were Disqualified. IT happens however I'm still proud of my team, we ran our hearts out, it just didn't happen for us.

I'm just happy at the overall weekend, who knew I could come back from Hip Surgery to be a conference finalist in 2 events and compete for medals. The best thing is that I keep improving, so things are looking good for outdoors. I just can't wait for the weather to improve.

My indoor season isn't done yet, so more news from the indoor track will be coming.

Until then, enjoy some of the other aspects of this blog,


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