Thursday, February 15, 2007

Help make some money blogging for Payperpost

I haven't spoken much about Payperpost on this blog since it's relatively new compared to my long established blog but I've been with Payperpost for over 6 months on my other, more established blog. What payperpost has allowed me to do is great, I've been able to pay my school taxes (going to NYC on a track scholarship isn't free), have some spending money, buy my parents gifts, including paying for the installation of Satellite TV for them and much more.

The next big thing for my Payperpost money is going to be helping finance that trip to China I've been talking about in a post below. Every dollar I make with Payperpost, and I've nearly made $2000, I'm only 19 dollars shy, will help make that trip a reality. Payperpost has been great to me, they've sent me some free stuff. I love writing about products and things I enjoy, just like the Eurail site I spoke about earlier, since I've actually taken the train around Europe and I have first hand experience. I don't see it so much as sponsored content but as promoting the things you like and enjoy. Maybe that's me, but I love Payperpost and their staff, and I'm 100% sure you will as well.

Check them out at and get paid to blog about the things you love!


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